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Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex Biosystems (ICOS) research group. School of Computing Science Newcastle University. Members of the Centre for Synthetic Biology and the BioeconomyAGM - PI/Academic
Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL). Representation of genetic designs through a standardised digital format. Visit also SynBioHub - a design repository for people designing biological constructs. AGM - Editor

Standard European Vector Architecture (SEVA). D
atabase and material repository of standard and modular plasmid vectors for (de/re) constructing complex bacterial phenotypesAGM - Contributor

CellShape: an image analysis tool for fluorescence microscopy images. Sub-pixel precision. Quantification of bacterial factories inside. The image links to the code site. (Go to the publication). AGM - Developer


The software DiSCUS (Discrete Simulation of Conjugation Using Springs) is designed to simulate bacterial growth and communication through horizontal gene transfer (conjugation). The software (v1 - released 2012) can be downloaded from here. DiSCUS paper, which explains parameters and dynamics can be found here. Demo videos:

Demo Dynamics - 2‎

Demo Dynamics - 1‎

Demo Conjugation - 1

Demo Conjugation - 2